List of Moto Devices which must get Android ‘N’ update

Hey fellas, i know many people are thinking that will their device get Android N 7.0 (Nougat) update or not. Some times ago Google just released the Android N, some people also offering to give the name to Android N but finally Google confirmed the name of Android N as ‘NOUGAT‘. so guys don’t worry we are MOTO user’s we’ll confirmed get the Latest Android N update. Before giving the list of Devices which are getting this update i want you to check some features of this update, So let’s begin :-


Android N features – What’s Unique

  1. Easy reply notification bar
  2. Multi Windows
  3. Bundled Notification
  4. Night mode
  5. Upgraded battery saver
  6. New doze feature which works automatically on lock screen
  7. Latest Unicode9 emoji’s
  8. Setting have subheads, A parent head & under it’s subhead
  9. Some major Privacy upgradation
  10. Update in performance due to Just in Time (JIT)

So guys these updates just improve your Android experience to the next level. It’s more easy & secure to use Android now. Android N packs with lot more features, and the good news is our MOTO devices are blessed with this latest Android N update…so let’s have a look on Moto devices which are Android N updates


Moto Z Deivce Series

This Z series is flagship series & we can say that this series is the first one whoch get the Latest Android N update.

Both the phone’s Moto Z & Moto Z Force will get this update first.

Now let’s talk about the Moto G series

Moto G series have many excellent devices but the last latest devices which are Moto( G3, G Turbo, G4 & G4plus) these are confirmed to get the Android N update.



Moto G TURBO EDITION (2015) – XT1557

Moto G4 Play (2016) – XT1609

Moto G4 (2016) – XT1625

Moto G4 PLUS (2016) – XT1644

Moto G4 users can possibly get the update soon

Now move to Moto X series

There are Many devices in this series like Moto X play, Moto X force, Moto X style etc. These smartphones are mid range phone & it’s guaranteed that they’ll the latest Android N update.

Moto X Play (2015) – XT1562

Moto X STYLE (2015) –XT1572, Moto X Pure Edition

Moto DROID TURBO 2 (2015) –XT1580

Moto DROID MAXX 2 (2015) – XT1565


Now let’s talk about the Moto E series:-

Moto E series is a bit old now. So we can’t guarantee that this series will get Latest Android N update, but there might be some chances of getting in Moto E3. But as you know Lenovo overtakes Moto So it might take much time to give Latest Android N update to the devices.


So guys now you’re informed about all the Moto Series Phone’s which are getting the Latest Android N update.

Let’s have a fast look of all the device’s at once In this list :-

Moto Z (2016)- XT1635-03, Moto Z-Droid

Moto Z-Force (2016), Moto Z Force Droid

Moto G DUAL SIM (3rd Gen) – XT1540


Moto G TURBO EDITION (2015) – XT1557

Moto E3 (2016 Edition) – All Models

Moto G4 Play (2016) – XT1609

Moto G4 (2016) – All Models

Moto G4 PLUS (2016) – All Models

Moto X Play (2015) – XT1562

Moto X STYLE (2015) – XT1572

Moto DROID TURBO 2 (2015) – XT1580

Moto DROID MAXX 2 (2015) – XT1565


So freinds check out if your device is in the list or not. If your device is in the list Congrats & if your device is not listed so don’t worry you’ll get the update sure after the models. So keep calm & wait for Android N.

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