Must try apps after rooting your Android Device

Hello guys, i made this post because there are people saying that they root their & now they have no clue what to do next-

Read my previous post ‘What to do after ‘ROOTING’ my Device‘. So this post is linked with my previous post. Here i will suggest you to try 15 Rooted Android Apps which turn your smartphone into a beast. ?. So let’s start :-


  1. AdBlock Plus

If you rooted your smartphone, then you must give a try to this app, if you get irritated by Ad’s. This app helps you to block those ad’s which you don’t like. You can download this App from here

2. Greenify

Every rooted smartphone user must be familiar with this app. You can found this app almost in every rooted smartphone. This app checks out the unused background running apps which you are not using. It automatically hibernates those apps. It can increase your device performance & also saves your battery life. You can download it from here.

3. Nandroid Manager

By the name Nandroid Manager you can figure out what is does. Nandroid Manager can take care of your Backups & you can also make changes on them easily. It also helps you to flash a custom recovery on your device. To download Nandroid Manager click here

4. Dumpster

Dumpster is a very useful app. It acts like a recycle bin of your smartphone. If by mistake you ever deleted your important file like any documents or zip file it can easily recover them for you. Apart from these it also recovers Music, Videos files. You can Down this awesome app from here

5. Link2SD

It’s a great rooted app. If you ever go low on device internal storage you can try this app. This app move the internal stored apps to SD card. It creates a link that your device recognize it that your apps successfully moved to sdcard. You can download this app from here.

6. Flashify

This is the best recovery flashing app. You can use it if you are beginner or an expert it doesn’t matter who you are! This app let’s you to flash zips, mods, kernels, boot & recovery images without switching off your device. If you don’t like flashing with ADB this is just an amazing app. Download this app from here.

7. Rom Toolbox

This apps works as a toolbox of rooted users. This apps has many features like built-in file browser with root, app manager (uninstall system apps, etc), ROM management (create nandroid backups), script writer, font installer etc. plus you can also change themes & boot animations of your device. To download Rom Toolbox click here

8. GL Tools

This is a cool app if you are a gamer. If you love to play high graphics games but your Android is low end device you can use this app. This app can reduce FPS of your Game & you can enjoy your game on your device without any interruption. Download it from here

9. Stock Apps remover

Almost every smartphone comes with preloaded apps & games which you can’t uninstall. These preloaded apps & bloatwares might irritate you & decrease the performance of your device. But if your device is rooted you can easily uninstalls these app from this app. download it from here.

10. Smart Booster

Smart Booster can improve the functioning of your smartphone. It efficiently improves the speed of your smartphone. It cleans cache & your sd cards bloatwares Which gives you incredible performance. Download it from here.

11. Tasker

It is a great app, but you have to pay for it. It’s like your personal assistant it can do work for you like if you plug in your earphones it automatically starts music, you can also set whatsapp messages at any time automatically. There are lot more features of this app. Download it from here.

12. Xposed Framework Modules

This is the best app till date you can Install in your device. This app is the best customizer, it doesn’t matter if you are using custom ROM or not. It has several features like  remapping, theming, performance tweaks and UI customization & much more Which make your smartphone looks great & improves performance also. Download this app from here

13. Lucky Patcher

It’s honestly a great app for rooted device. It removes license verification,  Remove Ads and it can also help you in removing system apps from your android phone. Apart from these it has also many tweaks. It also modify the installed apk’s on your device. Download this app here

14. Titanium Backup

You can make use of this app if your device is rooted. This app easily make backup of your device including system app & files from their current progress. It is also very easy to use. This is the top backup app which every rooted device must have. Download it from here.

15. Terminal Emulator

If you want to type commands this is the best apps. It has many admin features. It gives full Linix support To your device. It only works on rooted device. Download it from here.


So guys these are 15 apps you must try in your rooted device. If you have any query regarding post please comment down.

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