Best Android Launchers Of 2016 You Must Try for Customization

Hello Friends today we’ll talk about the Best Android Launchers, before starting the list of Best Android Launchers let’s know What is Android Launcher and Why you must use it.


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What is Android Launcher?

Android Launcher is made for easy customization of Android Device. It helps you to change the Home Screen, docks, screen transition, icons and much more. It neither harms your system it is safe to use and it improves your device functionality. The Launchers i’m going to suggest you are awesome and works well with rooted or unrooted device. So here is a list of Best Android Launchers of 2016 which you must give a try :-


Best Android Launchers


1. Nova Launcher

best android launchers

Everyone is familiar with this all time favorite launcher, Nova Launcher has tons of customization like themes support, transition effects, best drawer customization and beside this it eats very less RAM and also give you a Best Performance.


2. Buzz Launcher

best android launchers

Buzz launcher is truly a smart launcher, which has many home screen customization apart from this it has many widget supports plus you can make your widget too and share it on social media with inbuilt sharing option within seconds.


3. Apus Launcher

Apus launcher

Apus Launcher is another best launcher because of it’s epic homescreen customization. Apus launcher has best Apus themes, Wallpapers and icons collection. It’s best feature is speed boost which boost your RAM and increase device performance.



4. Google Now Launcher

google now

Google Now is the best free launcher by Google. This is very simple but Powerful Android Launcher which has Google Now integration it makes your device look alike Google Nexus Device’s.



5. Hola Launcher

hola launcher

Hola Launcher is known as the fastest Android Launcher, Hola Launcher is very fast and responsive. If you run low on RAM & battery then it is for you. It has simple but cool look. This covers our Best Android Launchers list.



6. Go Launcher

go launcher

This is the best Advanced Android Launcher for your Deivce, it has unlimited plugins and widgets to customize, i recommend you to try this best android launcher.


7. Apex Launcher

apex launcher

It is the Top Android Launcher for your Android Smartphone, if you frequently do customization then this Android Launcher is made for you. It also has a pro version but you have to buy it.



8. Solo Launcher

solo launcher

It is the best rated and speedy launcher apart from customization, it clears your cache, boost the device speed and also clears storage. If you love multitasking you must try it.



9. Dodol Launcher

Dodol launcher

Dodol is the must installed launcher for your device if you love HD Wallpapers plus Icons. Dodol is smart launcher which automatically apply most useful widgets like memory cleaner and quick setting.



10. Next Launcher 3D

nxt launcher 3d

Next Launcher is best for this Best Android Launchers list because it is a 3D launcher for Android Devices. It has best customization of Home Screens it. This launcher can give you best 3D experience with smoothness.



11. Cheetah Launcher

cheetah launcher

As you can understand by it’s name how fast this launcher is, Cheetah Launcher has many wallpapers and themes to make your device cooler by look. It also identifies the apps which you use most and arrange them otherwise.



12. Action Launcher

action launcher

Action launcher is the Best Android Launcher you can use for customization, as it offers a wide variety of features like Quick page, Quickdraw, shutter, covers and much more.



13. Holo Launcher

holo launcher

Don’t get confused by name Holo and Hola launcher differs, Holo Launcher is very good Android Launcher if you are looking for smooth and faster performance with epic customization and the best thing is that it is light weight for your device.



14. C Launcher

c launcher

C launcher has made the Android Homescreen customization easier because it has many HD Wallpapers plus themes available with different icons and the best transition effect. You must try this.


15. CM Launcher

cm launcher

CM Launcher is most secured and reliable Launcher with a great speed. It has speed boost plus antivirus scanner also. It doesn’t have much customization available but it is best for simple and secure use.



16. Action Launcher 3

action launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is quite a best android launcher because it provides you a stock android taste. It also has quick themes and quick pages like features which collaborates with your theme and improves your user experience.



17. Arrow Launcher

arrow launcher

Arrow Launcher is the good Android Launcher by Microsoft. It has preset homescreen for your most used apps, frequent contact list and documents it is updating day by day and adding more good features.



18. Atom Launcher

atom launcher

Atom Launcher is new Android Launcher but it is adding new features day by day like you can make your own theme in this launcher or you can find it’s more themes in Android Play Store. It had many gesture’s and qucik setting. You can use many icons in this launcher of your choice. Beside all this it is very light weight and smooth in running.



19. GO Launcher EX

go launcher ex

Go launcher EX is very popular Android Launcher till date it has millions of installs it is famous because of it’s customization with themes. It has tons of themes available and many icons pack for your apps. You must try it.


20. Lightning Launcher


It is high rated Launcher for Android it is very simple. This Android Launcher doesn’t each much RAM and battery of your Device. It has unlimited homescreens and icons manager. If you are not using a high end Android Device then you must try this Android Launcher.



So guys our Best Android Launchers list ends here, i must say you to try these launchers once you must love it. If i missed any Best Android Launcher please notify me in the comment section.



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