Top 10 Best App Lock for Android you must try in 2017

Hey guys, today we are featuring some Best App Lock for Android. Nowadays everyone is using a Smartphone and it’s quite obvious that he/she must saved some kind of personal information, messages, photos or videos in their smartphone. Many of us are also using some kind of personal apps like banking apps, paytm, freecharge and many more. These apps save our personal data which we don’t want to share with others so in this case what will happen if your friend is using your Smartphone, yes you will be worried about your privacy. So that’s why i have written this awesome post if you are a Android user then stick up to the last line of this article. As you guys know Google Play Store have many app lockers available but here we picked some best featured and secured App lockers for you so let’s start :-


10 Best App lock for Android Users



As you all know that Applock is the very popular and trustworthy app available in Google Play Store. This app has crossed 100 million downloads. Let’s see it’s features This app can lock any app in your smartphone with a password other than this it can also lock wifi, bluetooth, data or incoming calls. You can also hide this app from app drawer so that no one can uninstall or force stop this app. This app has built in photo and video vault for hiding photos and videos. Beside all these features it also have power saving mode which doesn’t let the app to drain your device battery.



Download AppLock


Norton App Lock

Norton is a company which is famous for it’s Antiviruses but Norton also made an app for Android called Norton app lock which helps us to lock the apps of our device. This is a very clean and simple app without any advertisements. This app lock supports pin, password, pattern or fingerprint also. It also have a option to hide it from app drawer and the special feature of this app is that it can capture the image of intruder who try to open the Norton app lock by entering wrong password.

norton app lock


Download Norton App Lock


App Locker : Fingerprint and Pin

App Locker is the another app for locking apps of your Android device. This app is not much popular because of it’s old UI but still it have some cool features like you can set a custom locking system. If you want to set Fingerprint lock to any app and pattern lock for other app you can do this by App Locker app so it’s quite cool. The another demerit of this app is ads but you can remove the ads by purchasing the premium version of this app.

applocker fingerprint and pin


Download AppLocker : Fingerprint and Pin 


Hexlock App Lock

Hexlock App Locker is a new app which gained popularity in no time. It has very attractive UI and many features also. You can lock the apps by Patterns, Pin or fingerprints. Hexlock has various profiles like home, school, party and many more but you can also edit them according to your needs and Hexlock automatically enables a profile based on your Wi-Fi connection. Other than this it also clicks the photo of the intruder who tries to open lock by entering wrong password and yes hexlock app locker includes ads, but you can purchase the premium version of it to get rid of these ads.

hexlock app lock


Download Hexlock App Lock


Finger Security

Finger Security is the cool app for your Device. It has many cool features, and you can also lock the apps by fingerprints and enable the Protection Feature to hide the app and it’s data from recent screen. You can also have the feature of preventing uninstall of this app. You can set the delay time in re-locking the apps.

finger security


Download Finger Security


CM AppLock

All of us are aware of CM AppLock it is a very good app lock available in market. You can set fingerprint lock and set the lock in wifi, bluetooth and much more. You can set the daily timer to lock the app plus this app clicks the photo of the intruder who enters the password 3 times wrong. You can also set the lock themes from your gallery images and this app lock is ad free.

cm app lock


Download CM AppLock


Max Lock

Now this is something quite cool for rooted Android users – Yes you heard right. Only rooted Android user’s can use this awesome app lock. This app is based on Xposed Framework so you must have Xposed installed in your Device to run this app lock. This includes Fingerprint, pattern or pin to set as passwords. It’s main priority is to save battery and boost the device performance. It also have many features like fake crash, master switch to turn it off and it also hides the activity from recent screen. So guys if your are using rooted Android Device you must give a try to this Awesome App lock.

max lock


Download Max Lock


Privacy Knight AppLock

This awesome app lock deserve to be no. 1 among all the apps but unfortunately it’s not that much popular. Let me tell you the features of this cool app – You can lock the apps through Pattern/Pin , fingerprint or face detection, blow to unlock, shake or crash a message. You can also lock incoming calls and you can prevent it from uninstalling. This app can also hide the notification of various apps like whatsapp. It takes the photo of intruders who enter wrong password.

privacy knight applock


Download Privacy Knight AppLock


Keepsafe App Lock

Keepsafe app lock is simple and sober app lock with material design UI. This app supports pattern, pins and fingerprint and you can also set the delay in locking and relocking of any app. This app has a feature of disabling the app for few hours if you want it to and it also prevents it’s un-installation. This app has ads but youcan purchase it’s premium version to remove the ads.

keepsafe app locker


Download Keepsafe App Lock


App Lock Fingerprint

It’s a very popular and best app lock for Android which has many great features. It support Fingerprint,pin and pattern lock. You can set different passwords for different apps also. This app helps you to lock system settings, rotation and home screen also. You can also set different profile which works according to your Wi-Fi network connectivity.

Best App Lock for Android


Download App Lock Fingerprint


So guys these are the Top 10 Best App Lock for Android, you must try any of these apps and give us a review of it in comment section. Don’t forget to share this awesome post with your friends and family.


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