Top 5 Best free Antivirus for Android you must try in 2017

Hey friends, Today i will share some Best selected Antivirus Apps which you must use in order to protect your Smartphone from viruses. Viruses are the codes which crashes our device data or sometimes delete our data too. It’s very risky and insecure for our Smartphone so that’s why i am introducing these Top 5 Best free antivirus for Android Device :-


List of Top 5 Best free Antivirus for Android


1. McAfee Android Antivirus

Best free Antivirus for Android

McAfee Android Antivirus is the Best free Antivirus for Android. This Antivirus offers many great features which makes it stand in the #1 in Top 7 Best free Antivirus for Android.

Feature of McAfee Android Antivirus

  1. It has anti-theft, find device and App privacy feature.
  2. Call Blocker feature.
  3. SMS filter and App lock plus protection features are also there.
  4. Download McAfee Antivirus


2. Kaspersky Antivirus

kaspersky antivirus for android

Kaspersky Antivirus is also the free Antivirus for mobile phone it provides many great features for free. Kaspersky has best security system and it also have anti-theft protection.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus

  1. Kaspersky gives you latest security updates and protection features.
  2. It scans your wholes device to remove viruses.
  3. It has Advanced lock function also.
  4. Download Kaspersky Antivirus


 3. Avast Antivirus

avast free android antivirus

Avast is a well known Antivirus App and it offers many features for free, but it also has a premium version of it. Avast Antivirus keeps your Device secure from viruses, Trojans/malware’s. Free version of Avast Antivirus offers you anti-theft protection also.

Let’s talk about it’s premium features :-

  1. Ad Blocker you can block the Ads in your Android Device.
  2. You can individually lock any app with password.
  3. Geo-fencing feature : If you lost your Device and your Device is under 500 meter range you can ring the alarm.
  4. Remote SMS, Data Recovery, Backup feature and it also click’s the picture of the person who enters wrong password in your Device.
  5. Premium Pricing are $1.99 monthly and $14.99 yearly.
  6. Download Avast Antivirus


4. AVG Android Antivirus


avg free antivirus

AVG is a top rated Antivirus for your smartphone which keeps your Device safe from viruses and malware’s. It also have anti-theft feature.

Features of AVG Antivirus

  1. Anti-theft Protection feature.
  2. Gives Best protection to your Device.
  3. It is free.
  4. Download AVG Antivirus


5. Norton Android Antivirus

norton antivirus for mobile

Norton is a very good Antivirus for mobile which helps you to remove viruses from your Smartphone. Apart from this feature Norton blocks those malicious websites which steal your data, personal information and other things. It has the feature to increase your device battery life and you can use it’s all premium features for free for first 30 days.

Features of Norton Android Antivirus

  1. If you lost your Device, then you have to send a SMS and it will lock your Smartphone.
  2. It fully scans your Device for viruses and remove them automatically.
  3.  Download Norton Antivirus


Final Word’s

So guys i provided you a list of Top 5 Best free Antivirus for Android so try any of these Antiviruses and give us a feedback about it in comment section. I hope you enjoyed this article about freek so share it with your friends and family.

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