Best free password Managers of 2017

Hello friends, Today i am introducing some Best free password Managers of 2017 which you must use. Nowadays we are using multiple social media accounts, using Internet Banking services and apart from these many apps and files which are confidential we are keeping it in our Android phone. So as a human being sometimes it’s not possible that we remember each and every password of our social media accounts or of any other services. So i recommend you to use these password keeper apps/password lockers known as Password Manager apps. Here i will point few most popular and most secured password protection apps.

It is recommended to use Password Manager apps to save your different passwords because there are some peoples who save their password in notepad’s and other such apps which are not so secured and anyone can access them easily as i also suffered once so now i am writing this post to keep your passwords secure as much as possible by these best free password mamagers so guys have a look :-


Best Free Password Managers Apps of 2017

Friends you will get many Password Managers for your Android Device but here i am writing only selected Best free Password Managers which are highly trusted and recommended :-


1. Dashlane Password Manager


dashlane best free password manager
Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is #1 Best free Password Managers for your Android Device. It’s very simple and easy to use Dashlane anywhere. This app is recently launched in Google PlayStore last December and it became most loved password manager app with 4.5 star ratings. Let’s see it’s cool features :-

Feature of Best Password Manager Dashlane

  • It stores all your passwords of id, credit cards. You can easily login to your account in one click by Dashlane Password Manager.
  •  You can easily make payments using digital wallets using Dashlane and you can also get security breach alerts regularly.
  • Only you can access your Dashlane account and it doesn’t store your Passwords at any other place. It protects your password with AES-256 BIT Encryption and it also suggests you strong passwords for your account.
  • Best part is you can save your Data on local storage or you can also make cloud backup by syncing data. So it’s also a Cloud Password Manager.



2. LastPass Password Manager


Lastpass password manager
LastPass Password Manager


LastPass is a very good Password Manager which keeps your Passwords and private information secured in a vault. Like Dashlane it also generate strong passwords for you and automatically fill saved password on behalf of you. This app is most liked with 4.6 star ratings in Google Playstore in almost a month, so you must give it a try.

Features of Best free Password Managers  LastPass

  • It automatically generates strong passwords for you. It auto fills password on behalf of you. You can keep all your passwords at only one place ie. LastPass and just create a password for LastPass and leave rest on it.
  • It can also keep your notes, photos and audio clips safe so it’s a best multitasking Best free Password Managers app.
  • Best part is it can also use your finger prints to open the vault. You can also use your fingerprints to access the secured files and password and at the time of auto filling password you can give your fingerprint to auto fill password.
  • It has best Data Manager function it means you can categories your saved password under different categories like social, shopping, business etc.
  • It can give you an option to share your Passwords with your relatives or friends if you want to do so.
  • You can also do password audits and can add a trusted member who can access the LastPass Best free Password Manager in emergency times.
  • It is also secured with AES-256 Bit Encryption so it is secured anyways.




3. Avast Password


avast password protection
Avast Password


Avast is a well known Company, many of us using Avast Antivirus in our Computers or mobiles. So this time Avast comes with it’s secure Password Manager app which is user friendly, secured and trusted best free password managers apps. So let’s have a look at it’s features :-


Features of Best Password Locker Avast :-

  • It can reduce your logging time on many websites and social networking platforms. Now you don’t have to keep your passwords remember every time when you log in.
  • By using Avast Password all your Password can become strong so that no one can easily crack them.
  • You can also save your card details and payment option in this app which saves your time automatically.
  • It also do auto fill up all information on every site where you need.



4. 1 Password – Password Manager


1 password
1 Password – Password Manager


1 Password app is here to make your life more comfortable by not remembering those big and confusing passwords anymore. It can give you suggestions for strong passwords and auto fill your password at any site where needed. This app has 4.3 star rating in Google Playstore and is highly trusted.

Features of Best free Password Managers 1 Password

  • You can login your Passwords and usernames at any site without remembering the passwords.
  • You can sync 1 password to your all android devices and computers.
  • This is secured by AES-256 BIT Encryption and you can make a Master password of 1 Password to access it.
  • Marshmallow devices can also use the feature of fingerprint sensor which is great.
  • 1 Password also has it’s own keyboard which is far better than any of your keyboards. It has many features like go and fill you passwords. By using 1 Password you can make sure who can access your password file.




5. Keeper : Free Password Manager


Keeper free password manager


Keeper is a leading digital vault for saving your Passwords and personal information safely. It can keep your private documents and photos secure. This app has specially designed to keep your information safe and sound. Many businessman uses it’s services. This app has 4.2 star ratings in Google Playstore.


Features of Best free Password Managers Keeper

  • It is also secured with AES-256 BIT Encryption and you can save unlimited passwords in your device.
  • It saves you personal data from being hacked.
  • It has Self Destructive Mode which can delete all the data at emergency.
  • You can access Keeper by your fingerprint.
  • You can also changes it’s templates and background as per your choice and you can access it threw your Android wear devices such as smartwatches.



So friends these are the Best free Password Managers for your Android Device you must use them and suggest your friends too.


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