Best Xposed Modules for Android Device you must try

What do you mean by Xposed Framework?

Xposed Framework is a app which helps us to make Kernel Level changes by installing Xposed Modules in our rooted Android Device. Xposed Framework is the best thing you can install after rooting your Android Device. Here in this post we are featuring some Best Xposed Modules for you Device have a look:-

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Best Xposed Modules for your Device


1. Android-Nify

Best xposed modules

This is the best module which gives you features of Android N on your Lollipop or Marshwmallow device. You’ll get quick setting, double press recent apps button features & much more.


2. Physical Music Control Button

physical key

physical key 2

If you’re a music lover this Module is for you, this module make your task easy for changing, shuffling music. You can control music settings by any physical button.


3. Lockscreen Mod

Lockscreen mod

This Smart module helps you to launch your favorite app from your Lock screen. Try it


4. Network Speed Indicator

network speed indicator

This module helps you to get the real time speed of your Internet Connection that is download and upload speed. You can change its configuration, style, units to make your experience much better than before.


5. WhatsAppX

Whatsapp X

It’s a very good extension for Whatsapp users. It have many features like quick reply from notification bar, calling over phone instead of Whatsapp calling, and even you can set a password.


6. BootManager

boot manager

It is like a startup manager or MSConfig like Windows. By this module you can stop the app to start automatically when you reboot your device. For this, install the module and tap on the list of apps you want to exclude. It also informs you of any new app you want to execute at boot.


7. PowerNap


PowerNap also comes in the list of Best Xposed Modules it block the services like Facebook, Google services to wakeup from sleep. So it also saves your Battery.


8. Advanced Power Menu

advanced power menu 1Advanced power menu 2

Advanced Power Menu gives you more reboot option like soft reboot, reboot, reboot to recovery, screenshot option and much more. It is most likely preferable used by frequent ROM changing users. The best feature of this Best Xposed Modules is the Anti Theft Helper. This feature stops anyone from enabling airplane mode and power off your device. This features works best with non- removable battery devices.


9. One Tap Video Downloader

one tap download

This is the awesome module it helps you to download any video from the Internet just play any video and it’ll give you download option. But however to download any Youtube or Facebook video you have to download their respective modules which are One tap Youtube and One Tap Facebook.


10. Tinted Status Bar

tinted status bar

Tinted Status Bar is a fancy tool to modify your Status bar. It gives you lot of customization like change the color of Status Bar to match with the running app, add text to status bar and much more. With these little tweaks this module can improve your experience with your device.


11. Zoom for Instagram

zoom insta

Many times you wish while using Instagram to zoom an image but now by using this module you can easily use pinch to zoom feature to view any image.


12. XPrivacy

XPrivacy 1XPrivacy2

This app safeguards you in many ways like if any app want to access your contact list then you can restrict that app or can send an empty contact list or if any app wants your location then this app can send fake location to that app.


13. XInsta


There are many apps available to download photos from Instagram but they want you to put that image url but XInsta can give you a direct Download button at the bottom so you can easily save any image. This also covers our Best Xposed Modules list.


14. App Setting

app setting

This is quite interesting app it has many tweaks available of any single app like screen rotation, brightness level, audio level and much more when you specifically launches that app. There are more customization options also available in this app.

15. Stay Awake

stay awake

As you can understand by the name Stay Awake, but this app is quite different from it’s other similar apps it let’s the screen display on for any specific app you can control it by using volume buttons like if you want to keep the display on simply press the volume up and then volume down key or if you want to disable it repeat the steps.


16. Native Clipboard

native clipboard

Native Clip is the other Best Xposed Modules you’ll ever find because it keep the data of every text you copied from your smartphone and whenever you paste them it gives you a list of saved text so you can choose a text to paste.


17. YouTube in Background

YouTube in background

Whenever you use YouTube and close the app audio also stops so this app will help you. Go to Youtube play any video and exit from the app and the video still plays in the background.


18. Gravity Box

gravity box 1gravity box 2

Gravity Box is a very famous module, i know i have to show it at the Top of the Best Xposed Modules list but no problem let’s have a look Gravity Box has many countless features what i can say in simple language is it is ‘Awesome‘ some of it’s features are Expanded Desktop, Statusbar, QuickSettings, Lockscreen rotation, Hardware key actions and much more. If you’re using any Custom ROM then this one is for you must try this.


19. YouTube swipe to seek

Youtube swipe

I don’t know why YouTube don’t have this feature of swiping up or down for volume or right or left for forward and backward, but this app let you do this easily with your fingers.


20. BubbleUPnP


There are many apps for streaming media on Chromecast, but if you have to stream Audio then BubbleUPnP help you.


21. Knock Code

knock code

This is very cool module for lock screen, if you like Lg’s g4 lockscreen then it can replace it for you. You can easily set different passwords for different apps to open directly from your Lockscreen.


22. Spotify Skip

spotify skip

Spotify Skip is the premium version of the Spotify. It also doesn’t contain any Ads. On Xposed Module you can get unlimited skip and OnDemand songs on Spotify.


So guys here is a end of our Best Xposed Modules list, still there are tons of modules available but those are listed above are best you can use for tweaking purpose. I’ll update the list if i’ll find more Awesome Modules to include in Best Xposed Modules list. Thank you for reading if you have any inconvenience related to Xposed Modules please comment down.


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