[100% Tested] How to Change IMEI Number of iPhone

Hey, iPhone users follow this guide to change IMEI number of iPhone.

IMEI number is very important and every device has its own IMEI number. It’s very useful.

You can change your IMEI number whenever you need.

There are several benefits of changing IMEI number of iPhone like if you lose your iPhone you can block your IMEI number so that no one can use your iPhone.

Note: Changing IMEI number is Illegal.

change IMEI number of iPhone

How to check IMEI on iPhone – IMEI Lookup

To IMEI Lookup you can simply dial *#060# on dial pad and IMEI will show on the screen.

Another method is to go to Settings >> About and you’ll get the IMEI on the screen.

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How to check IMEI online

You can get the information of any iPhone only by its IMEI number iPhone.

Go to http://iphoneimei.info/ and enter your IMEI number iPhone.

This IMEI lookup will give you every detail related to your iPhone.

Now move on to changing IMEI number of iPhone.

You need ZiPhone software to change IMEI of iPhone.



  • Your iPhone must be unlocked in order to change IMEI number of iPhone.
  • iPhone must be Jailbroken.
  • Changing IMEI number works on every version except 1.0.x
  • You will lose iPhone warranty if you change IMEI number iPhone.

Caution: Don’t use any stolen iPhone IMEI number since it is Illegal. Author is not responsible if you damage your iPhone.

imei check online

Guide to change IMEI number of iPhone

  1. Download ZiPhone software from below link and extract the zip file.
  2. Now you can run the command prompt by typing cmd in the search box or by pressing Windows+R.
  3. Start your phone in recovery mode by pressing Sleep/Wake and power button simultaneously till the Apple logo was visible. Then release the Sleep/Wake button and connect iPhone to PC.
  4. Now in the command prompt type in the address of folder location ZiPhone.cd Desktop/ZiPhone.
  5. Then type ZiPhone. Now all the functions of ZiPhone will appear at the screen namely Jailbreak, Activation, Unlock.
  6. If you are using a 4.6 BL iPhone then type in:ziphone-u-i a 123456789012345 Here instead of 123456789012345, insert the required IMEI number.
  7. ZiPhone will start working now and it will search for a zibri.dat file. After completion, your iPhone will reboot automatically.
  8. Done now you can lookup IMEI by dialing *#06#.



So, guys, this is the whole process of changing IMEI number on iPhone if you face any problem please comment below and you can subscribe to our blog to get awesome tricks like these directly in your inbox.

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