How to charge your Moto Device Properly

Hello friends, today we are talking about ‘How to charge your MOTO Device Properly’. What do you mean by charging your device properly? I’m not saying that you guys don’t know how to charge your device, but i want you guys to know the real method of charging a device. If you follow these steps your device will guaranteed gives you a longer & healthier battery life. So if you want that your new Motorola Device will give you better & longer service then, you must follow the steps i’m going to share with you, these tips are not only for Motorola Devices but you can apply it to any Smartphone other than Motorola.

Unplug your Device when it is fully charged

What we guys do is continuously using our smartphone while charging, some guys charge their device overnight. So please don’t do this if possible don’t use your mobile phone during charging, overcharging is bad for your battery.


Charge your Device when your device battery is closed to dead

You must charge your device when it’s close to dead means do not charge your device multiple times in a day, try avoiding it because charging your device at small intervals may damage your battery life.


Avoid Charging to 100%

Do not fully charge your device to 100%, because today all devices has Lithium-ion batteries and these batteries are not supposed to charge fully because high voltage power may stress the battery life in a long run.


Keep the Device temperature Moderate before charging

Do not charge your device when it’s too cold or too hot, make your device temperature to normal if you charge your device at extreme temperature batteries will reduce charge acceptance.


Extra Precaution – If your device heats while charging put your phone case off while charging, & don’t let your device direct contact to Sun. So guys try these tips this will surely help you to increase your smartphone’s battery life & if you have any problem regarding charging your device please comment down.


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