How to Crash WhatsApp of your friend by using WhatsApp Bomber

Hello Guys, Today I will tell you the trick to crash WhatsApp account of your friends or anyone you know. It is very easy method to Crash WhatsApp. Today each & everyone uses Whatsapp because it is very easy to use and works awesome on slow internet also. So we’ll apply this simple trick only for entertainment purpose.

This trick is only for educational purpose we are not responsible for any act done by you.


How to crash WhatsApp by using WhatsApp Bomber :-

Requirements to Crash WhatsApp Account :-


  • WhatsApp Bomber App
  • Android Device ( No matter rooted or not)
  • WhatsApp must be properly Installed in your Device, this tricks works on WhatsApp plus, GB WhatsApp & Whatsmapp also.
  • You must enable Unknown Sources by going to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.
  • Working Internet Connection (2g/3g/4g/WiFi).


How to use WhatsApp Bomber to Crash WhatsApp

  • First of all Download WhatsApp Bomber from here & Install it.

crash whatsapp

  • Now Open WhatsApp Bomber.
  • Now you can see a option to select Bomber Level from 1 to 5 in which 1 is very low & 5 is high, i will recommend you to select level 3.

crash whatsapp

  • When you choose the level, a text automatically copies on the clipboard.
  • Now the next step is to choose your target whose WhatsApp you have to crash, open the chat box of your taget and paste the text which copied on your clipboard.
  • Now when your target reads the message his/her WhatsApp Account got crashed.


Things to Remember while using WhatsApp Bomber :-

  • If your Smartphone have 1GB RAM or less then please select the bombing level 3 or less otherwise your WhatsApp will also Crashed, don’t go for level 4 or 5.
  • And after sending messages clear the chat history to protect your WhatsApp from Crashing.


How to Recover your friends WhatsApp after Bombing

If your friends WhatsApp is not working fine after Bombing so please follow the steps i am telling you to recover his/her WhatsApp from continuing Crashing :-

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp then force stop it, now again open WhatsApp and clear the messages you’ve sent to your friend.
  • If still your problem exist, then Clear the data of the WhatsApp Account this will definitely solve the Crashing Problem.


Final Words :-

WhatsApp Bomber is the best app to Crash WhatsApp Account so please Don’t use it to trouble anyone it’s only for fun. If you find any problem in using it please let us know in Comment Section. Share it with your friends.


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