Best free Keyboard Apps for Android Device 2017

Hello Friends, Today we are Sharing the Best free Keyboard apps for Android Device 2017 list. Every Smartphone comes with a Pre-Installed Keyboard which is very boring and lacks many features so here we are suggesting you keyboard apps for Android. Here we are listing Best top Keyboard with emoji’s you must try.

Every Android Keyboard is different and unique in it’s way, some keyboard have awesome color variations, some have best font support or speed like this many ranges of keyboards available in Google Playstore, but here we have selected the most efficient and smart keyboards for your device’s which works like charm. These external keyboards for Android will support multi-languages like hindi, english, punjabi, marathi and many more this makes them a better keyboard. So guys let’s begin :-


Best free Keyboard apps for Android Device 2017


Swiftkey Keyboard

swift key free keyboard apps

Swiftkey Keyboard is very popular keyboard as you can see it has 4.5 star rating in Google Play Store and more than 50 million peoples are using it, as Swiftkey Keyboard has made many big changes in Prediction options it made changes in keyboard sizes, swipe input etc. Beside these features it also supports many themes you can select default theme or you can download any theme for Android Keypad from Google Play Store. It also supports 100’s of language so you can comfortably write in your preferred language.


Download Swiftkey Keyboard


Google Indic Keyboard

google indic keyboard

Now it’s the turn of my favorite keyboard ‘Google Indic Keyboard‘. This keyboard is just awesome as it supports almost every language. It’s a very simple and sober keyboard the best feature i like about it is it can convert hinglish to Hindi.  This keyboard has best prediction setting and it’s gestures are just amazing. Now it also supports many themes to make this Android Keyboard more attractive, it also supports handwriting mode. Google Indic Keyboard contributes to our free keyboard apps list.


Download Google Indic Keyboard


Go Keyboard

go keyboard free keyboard apps

Go Keyboard is the very popular free Keyboard apps, this keyboard has thousands of supporting themes, 100’s of fonts support and languages. I personally used this best Android Keyboard and loved it’s themes and you can also set custom image or theme in the background.


Download Go Keyboard


KIKA Keyboard

kika keyboard

Kika keyboard is for those peeps, who loves to share emoji’s and gifs. More than 20 million people use kika keyboard for it’s emoji’s and funny gifs feature and it support multi languages and it has Ultra Intelligent Predictive text to block unwanted texts this feature makes it different from other free keyboard apps.


Download Kika Keyboard


Hitap Indic Keyboard


This is the first Music Keyboard ever made for Android. When you type with this keyboard it will sound like you are playing piano. It support more than 60 languages. It has music theme, emoji’s, pictures and stickers and it’s size is only 6 MB. It will work very fast and smooth in your Android device you must try it.


Download Hitap Keyboard


So guys this is our list of Best free keyboard Apps of 2017 which you must try, if we forget any awesome keyboard please do comment and let us know. Thank you and share it with your friends.


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