How to get a fake number for WhatsApp account

Fake number for WhatsApp: Hey Readers, many of you are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a great medium to connect with our friends by saving their contact number in our phonebook.

Now you are using only one WhatsApp account using your original number but sometimes you need one more account but from where you get an additional phone number for WhatsApp verification. So don’t worry we are here to help you out.

So you have come across many WhatsApp tricks for using a fake phone number for WhatsApp but most of them get older and stopped working. That’s why here I am sharing the latest working WhatsApp fake number trick which helps you in using register WhatsApp with a fake number.

I will share 3 working methods of 2018 so that you can use the fake number for WhatsApp verification. This trick is 100% working you using WhatsApp with fake number like UK(+44)number, US(+1)number, Philippines(+63)number.

You might be thinking that you are not living in US, UK or Philippines and you also don’t have these countries phone number than how you can get the fake number for WhatsApp. But don’t worry there are many apps which are available in Playstore help you in making fake WhatsApp account.

The trick which I am going to show you for fake WhatsApp number is fully safe and secure. You will trick your friends using these tricks which I am going to share. Check GB WhatsApp latest version for using another fake WhatsApp account using a fake number in a single Android smartphone. By using this you can use two WhatsApp account in a single device.

So many apps which you will find on Google Play Store are outdated or WhatsApp has blocked their number for WhatsApp verification with a fake number. So here I am sharing few working selected methods of the year 2018 with you guys so that you can enjoy fake WhatsApp number account for free.

Guys, I am going to share three working methods so that you can get fake number for WhatsApp verification easily. 

So let’s begin:

fake number for whatsapp

How to Get Fake number for WhatsApp {3 Methods}

You must be already using WhatsApp on your phone right now with your original phone number. So you have one device and if you want to use both original number WhatsApp and Fake number WhatsApp in the single phone then you must use GB WhatsApp. The link to GB WhatsApp Latest Version has been provided above. Let’s head up to the first method of registering WhatsApp with fake number:

Method 1: Use WhatsApp with fake number using Textnow App

Textnow App can help you to access WhatsApp with fake number and you also do not need any sim card.

Only Working Internet connection is enough for this method. Let’s see the step by step guide to using Textnow App for using WhatsApp with fake number.

Features of Textnow App:

  • Textnow App is free to use.
  • No hidden charges as well.
  • It is very easy to use on Android/iPhone/Windows Phone.
  • You can call from this App to anyone with your fake number.

Steps to create fake WhatsApp account using fake number by using Textnow App

  • Download Textnow App for your Android/iPhone/Windows Phone.

textnow app download

  • After downloading Textnow App, Install it. If asks for area code then enter 580.
  • When the Installation has been finished you will be provided with a Textnow number.

fake number by text now

  • We are going to use that Textnow number to run WhatsApp without sim card.
  • Now Download & Install the latest version of WhatsApp and enter this Textnow number for verification.
  • Then you have to wait 5 minutes while WhatsApp will try to send you otp but it will fail. Then you will get a call option tap on it.
  • Now you will get a call on Textnow App listen to the call and enter the otp number provided on the call.
  • Hurrey, you have successfully installed WhatsApp with fake phone number with the help of Textnow App.
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Method 2: Fake number for WhatsApp using Talk2 App

Using Talk2 App for WhatsApp verification with fake number is very easy. Here I am providing you a full guide relating installation of Talk2 App. This app will run fine on both rooted and non-rooted Android Phone.

But the only demerit of this Talk2 App is that you have to Pay for getting the fake number for WhatsApp.

Features of Talk2 App:

  • You will get Philippines number.
  • It will provide you free monthly SMS.
  • You can do chatting with all Talk2 users for free.
  • Talk2 will give 20 free SMS when you successfully signup to it.
  • It is easy to use than other Apps.

Steps to create Fake WhatsApp account using fake number by using Talk2 App

  • First of all Download Talk2 App from here

download talk2 app

  • Now Install the Talk2 App and verify the number.

verify number talk2

  • After successful verification, you will get the new Talk2 number. Write it down anywhere, you will get 100 free SMS also.
  • We will use this fake number to create the WhatsApp Account.
  • Now enter this number for WhatsApp verification.
  • Now you are done with the process.
  • Enjoy using the fake phone number for WhatsApp account.
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Method 3: Get Fake phone number for WhatsApp using 2ndLine App

2ndLine is a second US or CA phone number App for your Android Device which will provide you a fake US number for using WhatsApp account. You can do calls and send SMS using 2ndLine App. This App is amazing as per my opinion to use WhatsApp with a fake number. Let’s see some features of 2ndLine App:

Features of 2ndLine App:

  • You will get Dedicated US phone number for WhatsApp verification.
  • Unlimited Text messaging with 2ndLine App.
  • You can make unlimited calls to US & Canada.
  • Picture messaging: send, receive and save the picture.

and many more.

Steps to create fake WhatsApp account using fake number by using 2ndLine App

  • Download the 2ndLine App from here.

download 2ndLine app

  • Now Install it and verify your account.
  • If it asks for area code enter 520.
  • You will get a fake phone number in the app.

fake phone number for whatsapp verification

  • We will use that fake phone number in WhatsApp verification.
  • While signing up for WhatsApp, we will use that number for verification.
  • and done…enjoy WhatsApp with the fake number.

Video Tutorial for using 2ndLine App

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Q1: I am not receiving the otp for verification.

Answer: If you are not receiving otp message then don’t worry when the timeout will happen, you will see an option for calling tap on it. You will receive a call with the verification number.

Q2: While verifying it is showing system error.

Answer: You need to reinstall the app if you are facing system error problem.

Q3: Can my contacts will identify me if I use this trick.

Answer: No one will identify you because they don’t have your new fake number so don’t worry.

So guys, if you have more doubts please comment below we are here to answer all your queries.

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Let me do the Happy Ending of this article because I have covered all the working three methods to make WhatsApp account with fake number.



Thanks for reading this Article these methods are working perfectly in 2018 so try any of the above methods.

Some people may use Primo but it has been stopped working now that’s why I didn’t mention Primo method. Still, you get any problem regarding the use of WhatsApp fake number just comment below your query and we will answer it.

Please do not use this method to prank with anyone this article is only for information purpose. So we are not responsible for any act done by you.

Don’t forget to share this awesome article with your friends using the sharing buttons.

Thank you 🙂

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