How to Highly Compress Files as much as Possible

How to Highly Compress files in PC and Android: Hey guys, you too have games, movies or video which are large in size but you cannot delete them because you may need them anytime but the problem is these types of files are consuming heavy disk space in your computer or mobile phone.

So, What’s the solution?

highly compress files

You have seen many big games, movies, videos or software which are highly compressed and packed into small size. How do they do it? Is there any drawback of compressing files like this? These questions are coming in your mind but don’t worry there is no problem in highly compress files as they do not affect working and performance of the file.

If you will start compressing files in pc then you can save a lot of space in hard disk. You can do this trick if you are running out of space.

Here I will share two working methods to compress files using 7Zip and WinRAR so you can follow any method whichever suits you.

By using this method you can compress files from 1GB to 1MB… isn’t it awesome.

Some peoples want to compress video files or software in Android phone so don’t worry I will share that tutorial also.

How to Highly Compress Files using 7Zip

Sometimes few files may create the problem in compressing but don’t worry here I am sharing the full proof method to compress files using 7Zip so that you can enjoy file compression without any problem. I too tried these methods which I am going to share with you guys so all are working fine so let me begin:-

  • First of all, Download 7Zip software for PC from below links.

7 zip 32 bit           7zip 64 bit

  • After Downloading 7Zip, Install it on your PC.
  • Now right click on the particular file which you want to compress.
  • Then select 7Zip and then”Add to Archive”.

compress archive

  • To highly compress file Select the compression level as “Ultra”.

ultra compress setting

  • Then Tap on OK to start compressing the file.
  • Now your compression process will start, It will take some time depending on the file size.

compression start

  • After Compression finishes, you will get a message of Completion.

So guys, this was the method to highly compress files using 7Zip software using PC.

How to Highly Compress Files using WinRAR

  • First of all, Download WinRAR from below link if you don’t have.

winrar download

  • Before beginning compressing process we must enable few settings. So open WinRAR.
  • Go to Settings or Press CTRL+S.
  • Now Settings will open,  Tap on Compression Tab. In Compression Profile tap on “Create Default“.

create default setting

  • Under the ‘Set Default Compression Option’ Select Compression Method as “Best“.
  • Under the Archiving option Tap on “Create Solid Archive“.

best compression

  • Now go to Advance Tab and tap on Compression.
  • Select the Text Compression as “Auto” & Set value to “63”, “128” for memory to use. Then Tap OK.

advance compression

  • Now select any file which you want to Compress, Press right click Tap on Add to Archive and Then Press OK.

I have shared two ways to Compress files in PC using 7Zip & WinRAR. Both of the above methods works perfectly for me. But I have seen high compression by using the 7Zip method than WinRAR. You can also try both the methods and observe the best compression result from yourselves.

Now I am sharing the files compression method for Android Devices.

How to Highly Compress Files in Android Devices

  • Download ES File Explorer from Play Store.
  • Now select any folder or file which you want to compress, Tap on”More” and then select “Compress“.


  • Select a Compression level as Best, you can also set a password also (optional) and then tap OK.

select best quality

  • Done… Now you will see a compressed zip file below the original file.

So guys, I’ve shared two methods to compress files in PC and 1 method for Android Device.

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You guys can follow this guide to compress your files to minimum size without any problem. I will update more methods in this article in future. You can share this awesome guide with your friends and family and let them save their space. If you face any problem regarding file compression please drop us a comment below.


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