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Hello Moto G4/ G4 Plus user’s, i know it’s painfull if our smartphone’s performance is not that good that we expected to be.  We purchase smartphone’s with many hopes & at the end it is not able to satisfy us. I’m not saying that Moto G4 Plus is not a good smartphone, actually it’s best. As you know Lenovo recently acquired Motorola & launched a great budget friendly smartphone Moto G4/plus series. Every device has some good & some bad sides. It’s not possible that you got all the best features in just one phone by just spending some bucks. Motorola is giving you a best smartphone it has fingerprint sensor, full HD display, 16 MP camera, longer battery life with turbo charging technology, better processor & much more. But unluckily users are facing some  problems it the device, so i’m listing some problem which Moto G4 Plus has but many problems are solved in updates have a look :-


Problem facing by Moto G4 Plus users :-

  • The first main problem faced by user’s is ‘HEATING‘. Device heats not only while gaming but also when it’s on charging, please keep your device off while charging for sometime.
  • Another problem is ‘RADIATION‘. The SAR value of Moto G4 Plus is high. If you want to get rid of this problem check this product.
  • It has 16 MP camera it’s good but it does not record video in 4k resolution.
  • Moto G4 Plus does not support VoLTE which is required for making voice calls over LTE network.
  • G4 Plus user’s cannot move apps from internal memory to external memory which is a need for us.
  • It does not have Gallery app it is replaced by Google Photos app which is not good.
  • Another problem is like it’s previous model which is IP67 rated water resistant smartphone, G4 Plus is a regular smartphone. Why Lenovo Why?
  • It does not have NFC (near field communication).
  • It has non – removable battery, yeah some peeps are not happy with it.
  • Some user’s are saying that their device screen shows blank white screen & sometimes it showing lines, some are saying buttons are not working properly etc. But it’s not with everyone only some user’s are facing this may be there problem’s get solved in the update.


So guys these are the genuine problems which a Moto G4 Plus users are facing, if you’re also facing any issues other than listed above please comment. 


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    • Dear Viohm, can you confirm – you are able to use VoLTE directly by inserting the SIM and making video/audio VOLTE calls? or you are working in compatibility mode and have installed Jio join app to get it working. Please advice.

      Secondly, if you are using it directly, is any OTA update required after purchasing the phone for VoLTE enablement ?

  1. There is no gallery app because it is replaced by Photo s app which is made by Google and I tell you what, its not good at all. i have recently buyied Motoplus.i have heating issues while charging and using gets over and over heat on that time please help and suggest me what to do to overcome heating problems.

  2. Last OTA update in early Sept made the notification sounds to drop by 50% in volume (evidently a deliberate act by Moto). Now is difficult to hear in anywhere other than a fairly quiet environment. Missing lots of texts, whatsapps etc due to this low sound. Nothing from Moto/Lenova on when or if they will fix this. Made a good phone useless in most work environments where you need to hear notifications.

  3. The recent screen appears behind the notification bar just like if my recent open WhatsApp and even if i remove it from recents then also it appears behind the notification bar

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