How to Permanently Delete facebook account in a single click

Hey friends, let’s discuss How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account?  In this Guide i will give you step by step guide on Deleting Facebook Account Permanently. Although Facebook is a very good platform to interact with people so it has both it’s pros & cons. Sometimes you become too addictive that you couldn’t resist to get away from Facebook so in this case you thought to Permanently Delete Facebook Account. So is this Possible? So the answer to your Query is ‘Yes’ you can permanently delete your Facebook account. So guys for your Guidance i have written this article have a look :-


Precautions before Deleting Facebook Account

What precaution should one take before Deleting Facebook Account? You must take a full backup of your Facebook account (messages, images, videos and all) for doing so Go to Settings > General > Download a copy of your Facebook Account. Make sure you are deleting your Facebook account in conscious mind and not in emotional state to prevent future problems. If you don’t want to Permanently Delete Facebook Account you can also Deactivate it. For deactivating the Facebook Account follow these Steps > Go to Settings > Security > Deactivate your Account. There you can select any reason Why you are Deactivating your Facebook Account. Ok so now see How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account.


How to Permanently delete Facebook Account

Deleting Facebook Account is so easy you can Delete it in one Click by clicking the Button below. By clicking on that button you will be redirected to Facebook Account Deletion Page from there you can Permanently Delete Facebook Account.

permanently delete facebook account link

So guys this is the easy one click method to Permanently Delete Facebook Account if you have any query regarding this post please Contact us in Comment Section below Thank you.


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