How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures & Videos

Hello Friends, Today i will tell you a method to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures & Videos easily.  Many people asks me is it possible to Recover/Restore Deleted Facebook Messages, & the Answer is YES. So i came-up with this post which helps you to Recover your Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures and even Videos so let’s Start :-



So let’s begin our guide on recovering Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures & Videos. It is very very easy, you don’t need any technical skill to perform it, have a look :-


Steps :-

1. You have to Login with your Facebook account.

2. Now headup to Settings section and open it.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures & Videos


3. Now open General Settings and at the bottom you can see a option of Download a Copy of your Facebook Data click on it.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures & Videos


4. Now a New Window will open where you can see a Start My Archive button click on it.



Note:- When you click on it Facebook will ask you to Confirm the Password again, after entering your Password click Submit.

5. Now a popup will appear showing your e-mail id,  you will have to wait until you receive your Facebook Archive Data.



6.  You have got a mail from Facebook which have the Download link of your Archive.

Note:–  If you didn’t received your mail then don’t worry perform the above steps once again but this time it will show you Download
Archive button directly.



7. Now Download the Data from the link which Facebook mailed you or you can also use above method.

8. Now After Downloading the Data File extract it using WinRar.

9. Now, you will see folders with Names HTML, Photos, Videos and Index.

10. • Open Photos and Recover deleted Facebook photo.

      • Open videos and recover deleted Facebook videos.

      • Click on html and select messages to recover deleted Facebook messages.


Restore/Recover all your Facebook data from this RAR file


• You can also see who unfriend’s you in Facebook.

• You can also check how many messages you did, you can see whole stats of facebook messages with everyone’s name.

• You can also see any Deleted Facebook Event.

• When i tried this method i got my 5 years old Deleted Messages, i was shocked.

• You can even Recover Deleted Games from your Facebook Account.


This is the Best Method to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures, & Videos you must try. If you have any trouble using this method please notify us in Comment section.


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