How to Add Recycle Bin feature in Android Device You Must Try

Hello friends, today we will talk about the Recycle Bin feature in our Android Device, ie. How to Add Recycle Bin in Android?  If you ever used Windows Computer you may be familiar about it, and how it works. The files you deleted or deleted by mistake goes to recycle bin from where you can restore it to the original path.

This feature is not Available in Android Device by default. When you delete any file like songs, videos and pictures it deletes permanently. Sometimes by mistake you deleted any file and it goes permanently.

Otherwise Android don’t have this feature but you can download a third party app from Playstore and enable Recycle Bin in Android. Dumpster is the best Recycle Bin in Android which works similar like Windows Recycle Bin. It works best if you want to recover Deleted Images, videos, music and pictures back to their original path.


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How to Add Dumpster Recycle Bin in Android Device

  • First of all, head to Google Playstore and search for Dumpster app and download it and install.

recycle bin in android

  • After Installing Dumpster App, Accept their Terms & Conditions.
  • Now the next step is to select the types of files which you want to restore after deleting.

recycle bin in android

  • Then click Next to proceed

If your Device is rooted then you can grant root access to enable Recycle Bin in Android

Then you are Done.


Conclusion :-

Dumpster is the best app you must have in your Android device to restore the deleted files back like music files, video files, picture, documents anything. Just select the type of file you want to keep in Recycle Bin in Android and rest leave on Dumpster App. So guys if you like this article so please comment and leave a feedback and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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