How to root Moto G3

Hello guys, here in this post we’ll talk about the 3rd Generation Phone of Moto, ie. Motog3. Here we’ll learn how to root Moto g3. Hence rooting Moto g3 is a bit complex task but i’ll show you how to do it easily & quickly.

If your are not familiar with the term rooting read here to know what is rooting, its pros & cons



So rooting Motog3 involves Many Steps in which :-

1- Unlocking bootloader

2- Installing Custom Recovery

3- Rooting Motog3


Now we’ll discuss about all these 3 steps  briefly.

Firstly lets know about the specifications of Motog3 :-

Moto g3 comes with HD display of 5″ inch, it has 2gb of RAM, Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 chipset & Adreno 306 GPU. It has a 13MP primary camera & 5MP front Camera. So these are the few main featur es of the Motog3. It comes with Android 5.1.1 lollipop version which is upgradeable to 6.0.1 marshmallow.


you must take backup of your important data because unlocking bootloader will remove all the files & restore your phone.


Requirements before rooting:-

• Your Motog3 must be atleast 80% charged

• Enable USB debugging on your Motog3. For this go to settings>about phone>then tap on build number 8 times. Then you will see a message ‘congratulations your are now a developer’ & then move to developer options & enable USB debugging there.

• You must create a backup of your data.

• Then install Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC.

• last but not the least install the drivers of Motog3 on your PC.


Unlocking bootloader of Motog3:-


  1. Switch off your phone and press power off + volume down key. By this you’ll get into the fastboot mode.
  2. Now connect your Motog3 with your PC via data cable. Then go to the folder where you installed Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools. Now you need to enter some commands now. Open the command window guys by selecting right mouse button and Shift key . Select open command window here .
  3. Now it’s time to check that our device Motog3 is properly connected or not. For this we’ll enter this command.

fastboot devices

By entering this command you’ll able to see your device code. It means your device is properly connected.

4. Now it’s time to unlock the data which helps us to unlock our bootloader. For this again we have to enter some commands.

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

Write this and hit Enter

5. Now a long string of codes appears in front of you, you just have to copy these codes and paste it to notepad and remove and the spaces present in it.

6. Now you have to visit Motorola’s website by clicking here

7. Create a motorola account and now paste the codes strings which you have in notepad.

8. Now copy it there and select Can my device be unlocked . Select I Agree on the option and after that, you have to choose Request Unlock Key .

9. Now Motorola sent you a email it’s time to login in your email which you used in Motorola’s website. This email contains a unlock code.

10. Now open the command window and wnter these commands

fast boot OEM unlocks (insert code here)

In place of (insert code here) you have to put the code you received in email.


Now congrats your bootloader is unlocked.


Now still your bootloader is unlocked but your phone is not rooted yet. To root your Motog3 you have to install a custom recovery. Now there are many custom recoverys but two are the best for Motog3 which are TWRP ( Team Win Recovery Projects) and other is CWM ( Clockword Recovery Mode). But i’ll prefer you too select the TWRP because it is best in features and performance also.


How to install  TWRP on your Motog3

Let’s begin

  1. Download Download TWRP(2.8.7-r7.img) from here. Now rename the recovery to img & copy it to the directory of Minimal Fastboot & ADB tools.
  2. Now again switch off your Motog3 and press power off + volume down button to enter into fastboot mode.
  3. Then enter this command

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

After few minutes your TWRP is installed on your Motog3


Again congrats you successfully installed the TWRP recovery.

Now the final step is Rooting Motog3.


How to root Motog3.

  1. Download Supersu from here
  2. After downloading switch off your Motog3 and enter into fastboot mode by pressing power off + volume down button
  3. Now press volume down key enter into recovery mode by pressing power button.
  4. Now search for Supersu & flash it.


Boom….you successfully rooted your Motog3 and gained root access on your device.


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