What to do after ‘ROOTING’ my Device

Hey fellas, I’m back again with a new post named ‘What to do after ‘ROOTING’ my Device’. People often asks me, that my phone is rooted now, so what to do next?

That’s why i made this post to give the guidance for those who are new to the ‘rooting’ world. Here i’ll share all cool Tips & Tricks you can perform after rooting your Device. So guys if you are reading this post it means your device is rooted! So let’s begin our tutorial on What to do after rooting your Android Device?



Here i’ll give you step by step guidance on what’s next after rooting. Here i’ll mention 12 things you can do after rooting your device. Ok let’s start:-

  1. Increase your Device RAM Yes you heard right, you can increase your Android device Ram after rooting your device. How? There’s a app for this purpose named ‘RHOESOFT RAM EXPANDER’. This app will Swap the memory of your SD card & Increase the performance of your device. By using this app you can feel the upgraded performance of your device. Your device hanging, slow functioning problems will be solved by this app.

2. Best Apps for Rooted Phone.

There are many specific apps for rooted device. These apps are found in playstore & other third party sites. But here we are sharing the list of all rooted apps you must try yourself. Check here to check all rooted apps

3. Hide your Root.

Now it’s bit confusing term ‘Hide your Root’. Is it compulsory to hide your root? The answer is ‘NO’ but you can perform this action to hide your root because root voids your warranty & if in future you want your device to get serviced in service centre you can hide your root & another method is to unroot your device. So for hiding your root you can install ‘Xposed framework module‘ on your device and activate the ‘hide my root’ module. This will hide your root.

4.Changing Boot Animation

This is a best trick you can enjoy after rooting. You must get bored of your old stocked boot animation So it’s time to change it. There are different ways to change your boot animation. One is you can use any launcher to change it or you can change it by applying themes. it’s fun to change boot animation.

5. Flashing custom Roms on your device

Flashing custom ROMs is in trend now-a-days. Custom ROMs are a great platform to change your device performance/look/feel & much more. I’m also using a custom rom Cm12.1 on my Motog3. Custom  ROMs have many benefits you can also try flashing custom ROMs.

here is the tutorial how we flashed CM12.1 ROM on Motog3

6. Flash Dolby Atoms

This is another great feature of a rooted device. You can now improve you sound quality by flashing the Dolby Atoms. For this you have to flash Dolby Atoms in your Phone’s Recovery  & you are Done. You sound quality & bass is enhanced now.

7. Flashing Custom Kernel & Recovery

For this your phone must be rooted. This stel is critically tough & may damage your device also if you don’t have enought knowledge in Kernel flashing.  If you change your phone’s kernel you can  overclock your GPU & may increase your battery life. There are many softwares available to do this.

8. Greenify

This is probably the best Rooted app. ‘GREENIFY‘ is the app which you can found in every rooted device. This app can save your Battery & stops Background running apps automatically. Which increases your device life.

9. WiFi Kill

If you are on Wifi & you wamt to check who else is also using the same WiFi connection & alsl what they are doing means their browsing/ downloading history you can check by this app. if you want to kill others WiFi connection you can also do that by this app.

10. Increase Storage

If your chipset is MTK and you don’t have enough space on your device then don’t worry. There is an app named ‘HK rom Editor’ this can increase your app storage easily. This app can partition the internal app memory & you are able to install more apps easily in your MTK device.

11. Hack Wifi

Yes you can hack anyone’s wifi by the help of your rooted device. There is a app called ‘WPA WPS TESTER‘ which helps you to hack the ‘WPS’ enabled WiFi’s easily in just one click. But please be careful l because hacking someone’s WiFi is crime.

12. Block Ad’s

There is an app for blocking all kinds of ad’s which irritates you. The app name is ‘AdBlocker’ by this you can also block the ads of YouTube + Websites + apps also.


So guys here i shared 12 thing you can do after rooting your device. I hope you must Enjoyed this post. Please comment down your queries if you have any.

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