Uninstall System Apps without Root/Remove System Apps

Hello Friends, Today i will tell you a trick to remove those unwanted, annoying system apps. Now you can uninstall system apps in any smartphone which have no root access. Yes you heard right!! Removing system apps/bloatware is easy now with this trick.


Uninstall System Apps without Root

Nowadays every smartphone is coming with preloaded system apps which are not usefull for us. These apps annoy us by showing weird advertises and irritate us by eating system storage and RAM. These system Apps sometimes harm our devices also, due to this we could not install more apps which we want to use in our daily life. So here i come up with this post to share a trick with you guys to uninstall system apps/remove system apps easily by this trick :-


Steps to Delete System Apps without Root

This is the best and easiest working method which you get on internet to remove system apps/uninstall system Apps. What you need is to download a small software for your Laptop/PC to uninstall system apps so follow our best guide :-


Requirements to Uninstall System Apps

  • First of all, Download this App Debloater.
  • Your Device Android version must be 4.4 or higher for well performance of this app.
  • USB Debugging is enabled on your smartphone to perform this operation.

Note :- To enable USB DEBUGGING on your device go to Settings >> About >> then tap on build number 7-8 times, now come back to Settings and at the bottom you will find an option of “Developer’s Options” tap on it, now enable USB debugging.

  • And you must have USB Debugging driver’s on your phone.

Ok guys now it’s time to learn how to uninstall system apps from your device –

Remove System Apps/ Uninstall Preinstalled Apss from you Device without Root


  • You have downloaded Debloater on your Laptop/PC.
  • Now download ADB driver on your Laptop/PC from here according to your device chipset.
  • Now connect your Android Device to Laptop/PC via USB cable.

uninstall system apps


  • Now open Debloater, and click on ad Device package then read Device package.
  • Now your Android Device is connected to your Laptop/PC on Debloater.


  • Now all your System Apps showing in Debloater app.
  • Now select the app you want to uninstall from your device.

uninstall system app debloater

Note : Don’t remove any system file of which you are not aware of like framework and others. During this process don’t install any file on your device it may create problem in your device. Be careful.

We are not responsible if you damage your device, during performing this method


If you don’t want to uninstall system apps then there is a method to hide them easily, you can read it below :-


Hide Unwanted Apps without Root

Hey here I introduce one more simple method to hide Preinstalled/System Apps which doesn’t require any app and root permission so follow these steps :-

hide system apps

  • Visit Settings >> Apps on your smartphone.
  • Now open the app you want to hide in your device.
  • Then Tap on Clear Data and Force stop that app and disable it directly.

You have successfully hide the system app in your device, now to unhide them follow these steps :-

unhide system apps

  • Go to Settings >> Apps  and check the Row of disabled Apps.
  • Now tap on that particular disabled App, now you can see the option to Enable it, Tap on Enable.



So guys this is the Best working method to remove system apps and it is safe also but i recommend you to only uninstall system apps you don’t want, and don’t disturb any other important system app. If you face any problem performing this trick please contact us in Comment Section below :-


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