What is Rooting, it’s Advantages & Disadvantages

What is rooting? Why should i root my device? What are the pros & cons of rooting? These are the common questions which comes in the mind of the person who is not familiar with the term ‘Rooting’. So here in this post we’ll tell you about rooting briefly. It’s pro s & cons Also.

But before the rooting guidance i want to tell you that rooting can ‘void’ yes you heard right it can void your device warranty. There are even chances that you end up your device by ‘bricking’ it. Now what is bricking? By the term bricking you mean that you modified your device in such extent wrongly or damaged it…that it’s not turning on or it got stucked in bootlogo. So before rooting your smartphone you must read this guide & understand well the term rooting.


What is Rooting?

Rooting means getting or obtaining ‘Superuser’ rights for your device. For gaining Superuser rights you have to flash Supersu app. By this we can simply say that ‘ we’ve opened the closed door of smartphone’. Simply rooting your smartphone is like upgradation. Now you are your own boss, you can do anything. You have full control of your device. You can customize it easily & quickly like the way you like. You can use many apps which doesn’t Support your device before rooting & much more. There are different methods of rooting for different devices. Some devices may get rooted by just one click & some need to enter Commands. So before rooting your device you must obtain full information about your device. The rooting methods of your device & risk involved in rooting your device.

Here at ‘motodevelopers‘ we guide you to root the Moto devices. So if you have another device you must check another blog for rooting your device.


What are the Pros of rooting?

There are many advantages of rooting your device. Here we are mentioning some:-

  1. You can use your Custom Roms
  2. By using Custom ROMs, you can use your Custom Themes also. Which make your device Much attractive than before.
  3. You can modify your Kernel, Speed of device & battery performance too.
  4. You can update the basebands.
  5. You can Backup your device more easily & efficiently. You can take the backup of current progress also.
  6. Unlocks additional features also


Cons of Rooting?

There are also cons of rooting..there are always two aspects of everything if something is good then it is also bad for different aspect. Here i listed some cons of rooting have a look:-

  1. Bricking – As i already told you about bricking what is it.
  2. Security issues – your device is not as safe as earlier.
  3. Warranty voids – If you root your device it’ll void your warranty which may cause you problem.
  4. No latest updates – After rooting you are not able to get regular & latest updates of your device.

So guys here i explained the Pros & Cons of rooting hope you got it….Now after reading this another question clicked in minds of people is ‘Can i unroot my device afterwards‘ so the answer is ‘YES‘ you can always unroot your device whenever you want.



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